A big thank you goes out to Josh Taylor from www.rightfootdown.com for his great coverage of our Open House this past weekend. A preview of that article is below and you can follow the link at the bottom for more awesome photos and commentary.

Open House

As I rolled out of bed this morning the question on my mind was the weather. Today was the RRT Racing open house and car show that promised to have some great sights. RRT Racing, previously known as Road Race Technologies, was started in 2002 and has grown to be the premier BMW service center in the DC region. The cars built by RRT have campaigned in Grand-Am, World Challenge, BMW CCA, SCCA, and NASA as well as a variety of independent events and races such as the annual One Lap of America.

Skies were gray and there was the occasional drizzle but nothing that would keep the show from going on. The first thing I noticed upon arrival was the Dinan 550i front and center. The representative was on hand to answer any questions about their offerings. The model on display was a twin turbo 550i with all of the goodies. If I’m critical, I can’t say that I am a fan of the dark exhaust tips. Other than that it is a beautiful car.

On the other end of the lot I found this individual E36 M3. I didn’t catch the color code or color name. Some cars pull off colors better than others — I would roll around in this M3.

Because carbon black on cinnamon is one of my favorite color combinations. IS THAT A LAMBO?!

Yesssir it is. I thought this was a BMW show? Can’t complain. It received plenty of attention. The car next to it? Just a dakar E36 M3.

To read the rest of this article visit http://www.rightfootdown.com/2013/coverage-rrt-racing-open-house/


RRT Automotive is Northern Virginia's premier BMW, Porsche, Audi and Mercedes service, repair and performance facility.

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