RRT Racing at NJMP 2018 with American Endurance Racing

RRT Racing at NJMP 2018 with American Endurance Racing

New Jersey Motorsports Park (NJMP) hosted American Endurance Racing this past weekend. RRT Racing was present for the days of torrential rain and cold, followed up on Sunday by 90 degrees and nothing but sun. The weather at NJMP was definitely the story of the weekend as setup changes and strategy sessions were all encompassing, not knowing what the next hour would bring.

The RRT Racing #72 grided up in 5th place overall and started racing in the rain at 9am and along with all the other teams immediately encountered near zero visibility. We luckily stayed out of the melee that ensued. Staying out of the multiple incidents, the rain did cause some technical difficulties as the water killed our live streaming gear from the car, the AIM dash and radio.

On track water created many “exciting” moments when on more than one occasion, the #72 was off in the grass after hydroplaning. One particularly scary tank slapper occurred when visibility went to zero and a pool of water sent the car sideways at 100mph. Sliding across the grass, the nose just touching the tire wall, the driver was able to get back onto track after some effort. While an 8th in class finish isn’t great, we made it through the day with lessons learns and all drivers okay.

Sundays race started with the sun shining but the track still wet with standing water in the many turns. Electing to go with our full dry setup and gamble the track would clear up in short time. With our team captain Wayne Moubray behind the wheel, the 72 started off great and quickly jumped to 1st position where it held off the other teams for a while. With the radio still not functioning correctly, our crew was able to pull off an amazing pitstop the old-fashioned way and got our next driver David Ellman in and managed to fix the radios in record time. David had a great run until an unfortunate incident on lap 89 where another driver had come in too hot into turn 1 and the #72 was caught in the carnage. having to retire early is never fun, but all involved drivers are okay. We are still evaluating the condition of the #72 as we prepare for the NCM race in July.

Thank you to our drivers Andrew Wikstrom, Anthony Magagnoli, David Ellman, Mike Kanisczak and Wayne Moubray

Thank you to our sponsors for helping to make this weekend happen and for their continued support through the season


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