RRT to Continue as the NCC Autocross Title Sponsor for 2016

RRT to Continue as the NCC Autocross Title Sponsor for 2016

RRT has committed to being the title sponsor for the 2016 NCC Autocross season. After a successful 2015, our partnership with the NCC Autocross community will continue for 2016. This partnership has allowed both organizations to grow by helping new members find experienced and friendly support and by teaming up with experienced members to push the limits of their vehicles. Schedule announcements and further details of this collaboration will be released in the coming weeks. If you have any questions or inquiries, you may contact either Michael (RRT) or Phil (NCC)



Autocross is a motorsports event that emphasizes car control and performance handling.

Autocross differs from track events because it typically remains under 60 mph and has less straightaway and many more turns. Autocross events are frequently held in large parking lots. Traffic cones are used to define a course where drivers compete one car at a time against the clock. The times are recorded and used to differentiate drivers as they compete against each other. There is no passing or rubbing of fenders since cars are always separated from each other and do not compete in the same manner as race car drivers.

Additionally, there are several classes to register; one for each category of car, so you don’t have to worry about modifying or un-modifying your existing car.

Because there is little chance of hitting anything beyond small traffic cones, low potential to damage a car, and because autocross normally presents less stress on vehicles than track driving, autocross is a great entry-level event for performance motorsports enthusiasts.

NCC Autocross Sponsored by RRT


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