Throughout the automotive world, there are certain vehicles that withstood the test of time and continue to find their way onto racetracks, car shows, byways, and highways. The BMW E36 M3 certainly has a foothold in that space. Released in late 1990, the E36 chassis dates back to mid-1983 in which conceptual drawings shuffled their way around BMW’s Munich design studio. Coupled with years of engineering, the E36 found immediate success and laid the groundwork for the continued dominance of the “3 series” line in the global marketplace. With a solid suspension, proven motor, and endless aftermarket enhancements, the E36 was a tuners dream and continues to dominate auto-cross and time attack events. And yet, despite the large volume of E36s in the DMV, few achieve the level of mechanical refinement of Peter Drosos’ 1995 M3.

In 2013, dozens of RRT’s race prepped E36s hit the track at Hyperfest. As they tore down the straightaways, the inline 6 motors rang out with a triumphant tone and purred as they pulled around the proceeding hairpin turn. The unique note from the E36 M motor enhanced through aftermarket exhaust systems. In turn, it only makes sense that Peter Drosos’ M3 draws crowds while pulling into local car events. While his M may have produced 240 horses from the factory, Peter’s is nearly double that number courtesy of a plethora of alterations. The most significant bump was courtesy an RRT-installed Active Autowerke’s stage 2 supercharger. Thanks to the evil-geniuses at Active Autowerke, Peter’s E36 M3 was producing over 400 horsepower.

To RRT, that was just a starting point. After completing the stage 2 installation, RRT and Peter began to aim their sights on even loftier goals and, in the coming months, RRT customized and installed a methanol injection kit along with an Active Autowerke exhaust setup. The resulting horsepower demanded the supporting components also be upgraded and, in turn, an OS Giken TR1CD clutch kit, E46 M3 engine mounts, and RRT’s proprietary subframe reinforcement kit were installed. With the supercar horsepower now under control, RRT looked into enhancing the driving characteristics of Peter’s wild ride. To ensure Peter’s M3 could harness the incredible acceleration, Brembo’s front and rear big brake kit, RRT Racing differential bushings, E46 M3 RTABS, and RRT Shims were all installed. For handling purposes, three way adjustable Bilstein suspension was installed along with H&R swaybars, AC Schnitzer strut brace, and Vorshlag camber plates.

To ensure grip, RRT also installed a gorgeous set of Custom Formula 43 wheels wrapped in Pilot Super Sport Tires. Lastly, custom gauges and xenon headlights were installed to keep an eye on the motor and on dimly lit roads. With a bevy of modifications added to an iconic vehicle, Peter Drosos’ M3 holds its own amongst the most capable of track cars and visually stands out thanks to its clean exterior customization. A beautiful car inside and out, Peter proudly keeps the E36 legend alive.


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