Performance Upgrades

Performance Upgrades

Installing performance upgrades can mean something different to everyone. To certain people, performance is acceleration, pure horsepower. To others, performance means rounding the track circuit the fastest. Some people are looking for the best handling available, the ultimate canyon carver. Still others want a balanced car, not built to extremes but to perform better all the way around without losing the character of the original. Or maybe you are just wanting to improve the look of your vehicle? Let RRT help you select and install your performance upgrades today.

Utilizing only the best parts and installation methods, we have over a decade of experience building everything from mild to wild. Utilizing our partnership with Dinan Engineering, we are the only ones that can offer your new BMW more performance without having to compromise your factory warranty. Our suspension options include a full range of choices, from the best track only suspension kits to the world renowned Ohlins Road and Track setups, to mild upgrades for daily driven vehicles. Wheels, tires, exhaust, ECU tuning…. RRT is the one stop shop for all of your performance upgrades.


At RRT we hold ourselves to a standard that doesn’t allow for something to be “good enough”. Just because a part bolts on or physically fits doesn’t mean that it fits properly. We believe that most of the time, a part should fit like it was made by the vehicle manufacturer. Too many times we have heard, even from aftermarket manufacturers, that you just need to “cut a little” or trim this or that. We think the manufacturers should take the time to research and develop a product that fits properly and works well. There are always going to be situations where a component will have to be modified to work, but we believe that those modifications should be done because there is not any other alternative, not because a company wanted to save a dollar by using a cheap connector or a more inexpensive intercooler core and the list goes on. 

Fortunately, we are connected with some of the premier manufacturers and vendors around the world to provide the best performance upgrades available. These companies might not be the first to market with a product and the might not be the cheapest, but when they release a product it works and fits well. Next time you are comparing two products that look similar, but are priced vastly different, ask yourself (or us) why? Many times, the cheaper products use inferior materials, don’t fit well and just do not last as long. This does not always mean that your should pick the more expensive item either. There are many products that can be had on a deal, because they are popular and the production levels have caused the price to drop. There are a lot of options out there for your vehicle. Whether your are looking for a set of headers or an intake system, we can help you select the right parts that will help you achieve higher horsepower levels and do so knowing that your car will be better in the long run.

RRT Racing proudly partners with the premier manufacturers of aftermarket automotive parts. There are very few companies that we are not setup with. This gives us near universal access to the best parts, technical supports and R&D teams in the world. If you are looking for something in particular, we can probably get it for you at competitive pricing.