RRT has a great relationship with many different wheel and tire vendors. Our clients receive custom built and finished wheels from companies such as Vorsteiner, ADV.1 & Finnspeed. We also provide many off the shelf wheel solutions from manufacturers like Apex, BBS, Dinan and others. Whether you need a wheel and tire package to tear around the track or cruise the strip, we will take the time to help you build a package that fits your needs. After the decision is made, we will use our touchless tire mounter and RoadForce machine to mate the tires to the wheels and ensure that your new items are mounted on your car scratch free and perfectly balanced. We can mount any size rim and tire whether it is a stretched street ride, full blown track slick or just a OEM replacement set for your daily driver.

A proper set of wheels can “make or break” a car. If you are building a track machine the right tire contact patch and compound can determine whether you win or lose a race. If you are looking to dress up your daily driver, the proper combination of looks, performance and durability is necessary. For the all out show car, getting the right stretch or lip can be the difference between taking home a trophy or not. RRT has years of experience helping customers choose the right wheels and tires to suit their needs.

Wheels and tires are one of the aspects of a car where there is not a one size fits all solution. There are literally countless combinations of widths, diameters and offsets. Then tire size isn’t as simple as picking the nominal size (ex: 255/40/18). Different manufactures measure their tires differently and different styles of tires fit wheels in different manners. We can help you work through the numbers and inspect the car to determine if there might be any fit issues. We also have the ability to roll fenders and perform other modifications if needed to fit the wheel and tire package of your dreams.

As far as style goes, everyone will have a different opinion. But because of our relationship with the premier wheel vendors, we can offer an expansive range of style, color and finish options. The style and goal of your car does rely on your preferences, however, we can work with you to find that wheel or a similar one and determine all the offsets and other fit information needed to order the proper setup for your car. Then when the wheels arrive we will mount them on our “Touchless” mounter and then follow it up with a proper RoadForce balance.

Whether you need custom three piece wheels built for you or maybe just a set of wheel spacers installed, RRT can help!