As is true in much of life, one size doesn’t fit all. So when there is no good “off-the-shelf” solution, we fabricate one. We have component fabrication experience with everything from oil coolers and radiators to oil catch cans and seat mounts. We can fabricate exhaust systems for any application and we will never utilize poor crimp benders or cheap tubing. At RRT Racing, our expert fabricators, have years of experience, MIG and TIG welding, both steel and aluminum. Sometimes a part should be fabricated to solve a problem, sometimes it is simply to improve aesthetics, and sometimes it is to mount aerodynamic improvements, but regardless of the reason, know that RRT Racing is the best place to have those custom pieces created for you.

Attention to Detail

There is a lot more to fabrication than just welding a few pieces of metal together. Our fabrication team takes into account what the purpose of the piece is, what type of environment it will live in and how long it is expected to last. They use this information to select the best materials for the job. Many times we will build a prototype and stress test it to ensure that the final product will perform as expected.

After a material is selected, the design process begins. First, the base design is developed to cover the needs of the client. Then it is studied to investigate whether there is room for improvement and what the stress areas are so that they can be reinforced. Different components require different solutions. Sometimes, appearance isn’t as important as strength or weight, so a stronger, but bulkier design is called for. Other times weight is a consideration so intersecting angles and lightweight gusseting is use. If appearance is the top priority, then the part will be made functional and then appropriately finished. Those finishes can be paint, powdercoat, anodized or many others. When a component is finished by RRT, you can be sure that it will stand the test of time and look good doing it.