In 1969, Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin stepped off Apolo 11 and onto the moon. Almost fifty years later, a slightly altered version of his famous quote seems awfully fitting for Steve Freishtat’s M6. While a small step on the gas for man, the M6 makes one large, very fast leap forward for mankind. And while Buzz Aldrin might not have done much to describe this vehicle, his Pixar produced tribute certainly detailed this super-coupe when he shouted “to infinity and beyond”. This car certainly goes FAR beyond.

Several years and hundreds of hours worth of work prior, this M6 served as Steven’s daily driver. As a grocery getter, this coupe crushed the sedans, wagons, and other sports cars it would encounter on its way to pick up a batch of milk and eggs. However, after taking his beloved BMW out on the track, Steve found himself a little less impressed. While the car performed admirably, he couldn’t shake the taunts from his buddies in their Corvette ZR1s, Porsche GT3s, and other exotics. Accepting nothing but a first place finish, Steve began slowly tweaking the M in pursuit of better lap times. As the years went by, more and more parts acclimated themselves onto Steve’s M6 at which point he found the car at a crossroad. Two roads diverged in a yellow wood and Steve traveled down that less taken… and that has made all the difference.

For when Steve hit the crossroad, he threw caution to the wind and the daily driver became a full blown race car. No longer would the M6 terrorize the street warriors out to prove themselves nor would it live the quiet life in suburbia. Instead, this fully track-prepped M6 finds itself transported to and from RRT for enhancements, updates, and continued endurance that it is running at peak performance. The RRT Racing team continually add on optimizations rivaling the technology found in professional race cars (most of which were designed, built, and installed by RRT). And despite what you’d expect, the creature comforts of the typical BMW, they’re all still accounted for. Dry carbon dash, custom alcantara door panels, suede headliner… this car musters the track times of most supercars and exotics while wrapping its owner in the finest of luxuries.

RRT Racing Fabricated Cage
RRT Racing SMG Cooler
RRT Racing Differential Cooler
RRT Racing Front Lower Control Arms
RRT Racing Front Splitter
RRT Racing SMG Paddles
RRT Racing Fabricated Door Panels
RRT Racing Lightened Front Bumper Carrier
RRT Racing Equal Length Cat-less Headers
RRT Racing custom titanium exhaust

Ohlins TTX Motorsports Dampers

Carbahn stroker engine, camshafts, VANOS delete
Dinan Big Bore Throttle Bodies
Dinan Air Box and MAFs
Dinan Underdrive Pulley
Custom Dry-sump oiling system

Formula 43 19″ Clubsport Wheels
Hoosier R6 295/35/19 Tires
Epic Motorsports Tune
Diffsonline Custom Differential

Brembo GTR 6 Piston Front Brakes
Brembo GTR 4 Piston Rear Brakes
Vorshlag Camber plates
Aermotions Dynamic Wing
AIM Data System with MXL Dash
Recaro Race Leather Wrapped Carbon Seats
Dry carbon fiber dash