In 1886, Robert Louis Stevenson penned one of his most intriguing novellas and presented the world with the “Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde”. Contrasting the intelligence and sophistication of Dr. Jekyll, Mr. Hyde’s ill-tempered, thrill-seeking mayhem littered the streets of London leaving nothing but footprints in his wake. On the other side of the Atlantic, Jekyll and Hyde are still very much alive and well and have found residence in Dulles, Virginia. Along with them, they have brought intelligence, sophistication, raw, unadulterated power, and maniacal bellows.

As if it were yesterday, I can vividly remember my first introduction to James Muskopf, owner and lead technician of RRT Racing. Pleasantly absent were the cigarettes, tattered jeans, or crude language I had come to expect from individuals in the racing scene. Rather, a clean cut extremely knowledgeable James welcomed me into his shop, provided me a comprehensive overview of the items needing attention on my vehicle, and offered me a tour around their facility. Growing up in Roanoke, Virginia , James began working on BMWs as a personal hobby at the age of 8. His expertise is the byproduct of a family tradition of automotive enthusiasm and decades spent under the hoods of thousands of Bavarian vehicles. With the skill and passion needed, the good doctor opened RRT Racing in 2002 and has been perfecting the engine bays of BMWs from the DC area and across the nation ever since. Visiting their shop, you’ll find tons of vehicles with New York, Florida, and even California tags as individuals have been shipping cars across the nation to have the expert team at RRT perform maintenance, engine customization, and complete rebuilds. In fact, RRT Racing has built not only for US customers, but also for individuals abroad. Over the last two years, they’ve been contacted by and race-prepped vehicles for racing teams in Europe and Africa. And these customers have been doing so, not because of the owner’s friendly temperament but because of his team’s flawless preparation, execution, and knowledge.

Despite his Yoda-like personality, James is a die hard racing fan and tuner and it shows in each of the finished products their shop rolls out of their 15,000 square foot facility. In turn, it only makes sense that his passion for performance is incorporated in James’ personal 2007 BMW 335i. In addition to the six speed manual transmission and incredible space gray paint, this BMW sports all the factory options one would ever want. And yet, despite the Jekkyll-like refined exterior, it’s all Mr. Hyde under the hood. Much like it’s owner, this 335i possesses a professional exterior with a spirited personality.

Under the hood, this 335i has been enhanced with Dinan goodies galore and is currently capable of outputting 430 horses to the wheels and 460 pounds of torque to the driver’s seat. Dinan has been used extensively throughout the vehicle including their carbon fiber intake system, exhaust, lightweight flywheel, intercooler, carbon-fiber front strut bar, and oil cooler. Additional components including Vorshlag camber plates and ACT’s racing clutch were installed to further intensify the handling and performance characteristics of the vehicle. To top everything else off, a custom 2.5L methanol injection tank was installed along with a Vishnu pump. Much like Dr. Jekyll, this vehicle came alive with a magic potion. The primary difference is that, unlike Mr. Hyde, this beast is equally precise as it is powerful.

To harness the speed and horsepower output, treatment was also required on all four corners. Adding to both the performance and style are Vorsteiner’s 19” lightweight VFF-101 wheels. With width in front and back, these wheels are wrapped in sticky Michelin Pilot Super Sport Tires and sit on top of Dinan’s 380mm, 6 piston big brake kit. Lastly, to improve the aerodynamics and lower the center of gravity, Ohlins track suspension kit and a BMW //M Performance rear spoiler were installed. The modifications selected enhance the timeless design of the vehicle while providing track capabilities unmatched even by the E92 M3. With a unique blend of modifications, this wild ride is as capable at a grocery-store as it is amongst a fleet of super cars at Summit Point Raceway.

While a wild ride, this 335i has proven incredibly reliable as a result of the engineering both from Bavaria and from RRT’s masterminds. With outrageous horsepower, a race tuned suspension, and classy aero components, this vehicle has impressed both performance drivers and RRT clients whom have been handed the keys in an effort to demonstrate the “Dinan effect”.

So to those stoplight warriors who enjoy the occasional 0-60 sprint against another vehicle, make sure you look closely for a V on the wheels or a Dinan badge on the trunk. Because with this 335i, you’ll likely be left in the dust by RRT’s very own Jekyll.

  • Dinan Intake
  • Dinan Exhaust
  • Dinan Software
  • Dinan Intercooler
  • Dinan Oil Cooler
  • Dinan Lightweight Flywheel
  • Dinan Big Brake Kit
  • Dinan Strut Tower Bar
  • Dinan Floor Mats
  • Ohlins Road & Track Suspension
  • Vorshlag Camber Plates
  • Vorsteiner VFF-01 19″ Wheels
  • Michelin Pilot Super Sport Tires
  • Custom Painted Engine Bay
  • Methanol Injection
  • ///M Performance Carbon Spoiler
  • Upgraded Clutch