Exhaust systems can add horsepower and torque to your vehicle. Most modern vehicles are tuned much better than their predecessors so gone are the days that an exhaust will add significant horsepower. However, gains of 5-20hp can still be realized. But there are other performance benefits as well. A more free flowing exhaust can increase throttle response and if it is a turbo car, the turbos will spool more quickly. These two points mean that even if the peak numbers don’t increase dramatically, the available power comes on sooner increasing acceleration and typically increasing drive-ability. Exhaust systems also add a visual improvement as most aftermarket systems are built to look good. Larger tips, polished cans and pipes will create a focal point that will attract more than a few comments. Almost all aftermarket systems also increase sound. The volume and tone of an exhaust system can vary greatly between systems so it is important to do research between the various brands available to determine where you would like to be in that regard.

There are some other important differences between systems. Build quality, fit, finish and materials are all important to the final product. Many systems, in fact most, claim to be stainless steel. This looks good on paper and in advertising, but did you know that there are many different grades of stainless steel? Many of the cheaper brands utilize less pure grades of the material. These can have high iron and nickel content that can lead to corrosion and discoloration issues down the road. Another aspect of this is what gauge pipe is used. But utilizing a thinner pipe, weight can be saved, but strength will be sacrificed if not assembled properly. Exhaust system get hot and that causes the pipe to expand. A 20 foot exhaust system can expand over an inch between full cold and full hot. This puts stress on the welds and joints and can eventually cause them to break.

When it comes to construction, there are many methods of exhaust building. Some systems are mandrel bent on a computerized machine. Others are sectioned and welded on a table or jig. There is nothing wrong with either method, but with both, the amount of time and effort put into the prototypes and eventual programming or jig making will determine how consistent the systems come out. A poorly constructed exhaust system can lead to increased installation time and can stress the components used to hang the system such as the flanges and hangers. A well designed exhaust system will always fit, never hit the floor or other undercarriage component, the tips will sit level and even in the bumper.

We have experience with many of the top tier systems available. We believe that companies such as Dinan, Akrapovic, Supersprint and Meisterschaft are the ones others should model themselves after. We have found time and time again that these manufacturers provide the best product, service and support. Give us a call or stop in and we can discuss which system would best meet your needs and wants.

Why use RRT for your exhaust needs?

Besides being connected with the premier manufacturers of exhaust systems around the world, RRT will always take the time to ensure that your exhaust system is installed properly. But what if there are no aftermarket systems available for your vehicle? Or what if you need a custom setup for your modified ride? Then RRT should still be your number one choice as our custom fabricators can make just about anything. Our in house designed exhaust systems can range from just a muffler addition to a full header back system.