James Muskopf

James Muskopf


James Muskopf was born in a little suburb of St Louis, MO. After graduating the Roanoke Valley Governor’s School for Science and Technology in 1994, James Muskopf attended Virginia Tech educating himself in the field of Mechanical Engineering. Deeply involved in the Formula SAE (now Formula Student) engineering competition workshop, he spent every moment working on the past and current vehicles in the program.  Learngin practical skills like welding and fabrication to more design principled skills such as AutoCAD, he was about to apply his gained knowledge to help our clients; even if he didn’t know it yet. Learning the methodology behind building, maintaining, designing, and testing the science behind the mechanics, this experience helped to leapfrog him into his current position.

With brief venture in to network diagnostics, James started to plan his true dream. by 2002 he had an idea and started to lay the foundation for this plan. Officially founding Road Race Technologies, Inc. in 2004 with borrowed space, his customer base quickly grew. James was able to open his own building in 2005. With a budding business, Road Race Technologies, Inc. because RRT Racing and successfully competed under that flag in the Continental Grand-Am series for a number of years. As the client base grew and the needs of the business increase, the focus was shifted towards better serving that base. Withdrawing from professional racing to support our club level clients, teams and partners, RRT Racing expanded to not only build and maintain the best race cars around, but now had a dedicated team to provide BMW repair and regular service needs.

Flash forward to the present, James can still be found in the back of the shop diligently working on problem solving and solution engineering. His elite team has expanded from just himself to over 12 full time employees and business partners that share his vision of providing affordable, reliable and efficient solutions to your automotive needs. The company’s focus on quality remains the same, but its knowledge has expanded into other marques such as Audi, Mercedes and Porsche.


“I like to find the root cause of issues & failures, designing & implementing efficient solutions to problems, maximizing reliability, performance, and drive ability for competition and high performance vehicles. While others might be able to ‘fix’ the problem, I want to know why it failed in the first place and what I can do to prevent it from happening again.”
-James Muskopf