One of the most common questions is “How much for an oil change.” Although that might be a simple question, the answer is not. The actual price of an oil service will vary depending on which oil is required for your vehicle, which filters are needed and if any seals or o-rings are required. Some vehicles have easy to access components and others required significant disassembly to access the drain or filter. Some dual or dry-sump cars require unique procedures to remove or fill the oil. All of these possibilities will affect the price of an oil change. But what you can be assured of is that RRT has the knowledge and experience to complete the service correctly.

But there is more to an RRT oil service that just changing your oil. During an RRT oil service, your vehicle will receive a visual inspection of all major safety components, wiper blades inspected, washer fluid topped off, tires inspected for wear and air pressure. Checking for other needed maintenance items will save you time and money in the long run. These may seem like small things, but these will ensure that your vehicle is running at it’s best.


RRT only uses the best fluids available for you vehicle. These includes all factory fluids and high performance Motul fluids. We will never use an underrated oil. We have tested many different oils extensively first hand. Most shops can’t say this. There is more to choosing an oil than just picking a viscosity. We have sorted through the API ratings, additives, viscosity and other variables to be able to provide to you the best products on the market.