Many dealerships would like their customers to believe that they are the only ones that can diagnose today’s modern electronics. This just simply isn’t the case. Here at RRT, we utilize the latest in electronics diagnostics including an Autologic Diagnostics System, Durametrics, SOLUS, VCDS and others. We have access to factory vehicle files, technical software and technical support.

By using these advanced computers our trained technicians can diagnose, locate and solve even the most complicated problem in the most complicated systems on the market today. We have every capability the dealership has including the ability to program new remotes, install new modules and adjust factory options to suit your needs. We can test individual systems and read data in real-time to properly track down whatever issue might be plaguing your vehicle. Then after repairs are performed, we can verify that a solution has been reached and return your car to you in proper running condition.

Full fault code read & re-set

Full component activation (CIP)

Electronic control unit procedures

Clearing & setting of adaptation values

Full coverage of (ECU) control units including flash programming updates to latest versions

Coding, full programming capability (inc engine & transmission control modules)

Adjustment of engine idle

Real-time reading of all dynamic data

Procedure for engine & immobilizer alignment

Procedure for trial substitution of control units

Procedure for the fitting of BMW accessories

Car/Key Memory Function for personalizing vehicle

and much more…..

Do not let TV commercials and bargain shops fool you into believing that a $100 code reader is the same as a full diagnostic system. Our advanced technicians use top of the line test equipment to not only interrogate the computer systems for faults, but can then test virtually any system in your vehicle to confirm the problem and then we can recommend the quickest and most cost effective solutions to your problems.