Dinan F30 335i/328i Suspension Upgrades

Dinan F30 335i/328i Suspension Upgrades

ShockwareJust as Performance Software dramatically changed the world of engine tuning, Shockware™ will forever change suspension tuning and now its available for the F30 335i.

 With the wide spread use by BMW of the Electronic Damper Control (EDC) system, also known as the Adaptive M Suspension, throughout its most powerful models, DINAN has tuned it for ultimate performance. Match DINAN Shockware™ with a DINAN Performance Suspension System for superior handling in all driving conditions.

 Since the introduction of the EDC system, DINAN has embraced the flexibility and performance that can be achieved by a suspension upgrade that leaves the Adaptive M Suspension system in place. With the addition of DINAN Shockware™ this solution takes another large step forward by also reprograming the damping curve of the damper itself.

The Adaptive M Suspension system works by monitoring sensors measuring all aspects of the BMWs behavior then analyzing them and adjusting the actuators in the shock absorbers, which, with the help of magnetic valves change their characteristics in a fraction of a second. DINAN Shockware™ reprograms the software making the adjustments to respond in a way that would have recently required purchasing a new performance set of dampers, thus drastically reducing the cost of a suspension upgrade.

 The suspension mode control switch is fully functional with the setting upgraded for each mode. Every setting has become more performance based in how it reacts to changing road and driving conditions. The “Comfort” setting is now tuned to be the “Normal” setting, while the “Normal” setting is now tuned to be the “Sport” setting. The big change is when the BMW is set to “Sport” as that is the new DINAN high performance programing.

DINAN Shockware™ can be used as a stand alone upgrade. However, your BMW performs best when paired with the DINAN Performance Suspension System or any performance spring sets. The suspension upgrade software is loaded into the BMW the same way BMW loads and updates stock software. This software upgrade falls under the DINAN factory matching new car warranty of 4 year / 50,000 mile coverage.


Dinan’s Performance Spring sets for F30 chassis BMW’s provide greater control over body roll by virtue of carefully calibrated spring rates designed to work in conjunction with the original-equipment standard or Adaptive M Suspension (EDC) shocks and struts. Dinan lowers the 335i and 328i by 20mm (328i w/ xDrive by 25mm) front and rear for improved suspension geometry and an even more aggressive stance. The kit includes tuned, progressive rate bump stops. The Bump stops increase the suspension travel on the lowered car for improved handling capabilities and ride quality when compared to just a spring set. The Dinan springs are CNC wound with high tensile chrome silicon wire and shot peened for stress relief to last the life of the car.

The 30% increase in spring rate will reduce the rear suspension compression under acceleration and front suspension compression (or dive) under braking, giving your car a more controlled feel. The Dinan® performance springs with the progressive rate bump stops will also provide a noticeable improvement in grip, for high speed driving situations that will inspire confidence in your car’s capabilities. The reduced body roll makes the steering more responsive to driver input and will be noticed at speeds as low as 20 mph, up to the top speed of the vehicle.


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