Exclusive Tuning

The Dinan badge cannot be purchased but rather it is provided at no charge when your Dinan Engineering performance product selections total 10 points, making your Dinan enhanced BMW or MINI as exclusive as it is exciting to drive. When your purchases qualify for the badge, simply contact RRT who will assist you with the submission of the Dinan badge request form. Dinan will ship the badge directly to us and RRT will install it for you on your Dinan exclusive BMW. With Dinan’s industry leading warranty, they are the proper choice for you new BMW.

Point Values for Dinan Products

  • Engine Software / DINANTRONICS™ 3 points
  • Transmission Software / SHOCKWARE 1 point
  • Free Flow Exhausts 3 points
  • Exhaust Header Systems 3 points
  • High Flow Intake Systems 3 points
  • High Flow Throttle Bodies 2 points
  • High Flow Air Mass Meters 3 points
  • Performance Cams 2 points
  • Supercharger Systems 10 points
  • Stroker Engines 10 points
  • Front Strut Tower Braces 2 points
  • Rear Shock Tower Braces 1 point
  • Dinan® Forged Wheel Sets 3 points
  • Dinan® Cast Wheel Sets 2 points
  • Coil-Over Suspension Systems 3 points
  • Performance Spring Sets 2 points
  • Performance Bumpstop Kit 1 point
  • Anti-Roll Bar(s)1 point
  • Camber Plates / Control Arms 1 point (each)
  • Dinan® Brake Conversions 3 points
  • Differentials 2 points
  • Lightened Dual-Mass Flywheels 2 points
  • Short Shift Kits / Monoball Bushings 1 point
  • Dinan® Pedal Pad Sets 1 point
  • Under Drive Crankshaft Pulley 1 point
  • High Capacity Oil Cooler 3 points
  • High Performance Intercooler 2 points
  • High Performance Bushing Kit 1 point
  • High Flow Intake Manifolds 2 points
  • Performance Pressure Plates 2 points
  • MINI Boost Upgrade Kit 4 points
Dinan Badge
If you have any questions about obtaining your Dinan® badge, feel free to contact us directly at 703-661-4222 or by filling out our contact form.
*The Dinan badge is not available for all vehicle models.

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