Dinan Engineering offers a broad range of BMW performance products from engine, driveline and chassis tuning components to complete Dinan Signature Vehicles and special factory works programs. Dinan Engineering also carries an industry leading warranty which you can learn more about here.

As a serious BMW Tuner, Dinan’s objective is to offer complete performance solutions for the entire range of BMW models. We believe that every BMW driver deserves the opportunity to get the most from their car. From faster acceleration to improved cornering capabilities and stopping power, Dinan Engineering takes the guess-work out of creating the high performance BMW of the enthusiasts’ dreams with compete, balanced performance systems.

A choice of several complete Signature Series programs are available for each BMW model in order to meet a broad range of performance requirements and budgets. In addition to stunning performance, you will also enjoy the exclusivity of owning a serial numbered Dinan Signature BMW, registered with both BMW and Dinan. A detailed description of the various Signature Series programs for each BMW model is available in the “Performance Products” section of Dinan’s website.

Whether you are interested in a complete Signature Series Dinan BMW or the individual components that comprise them, Dinan offers the means to make your BMW driving experience even more exciting, without sacrificing factory warranty coverage or the civility you expect from a BMW automobile. RRT is fully prepared to help you begin driving the high performance BMW of your dreams today.

Dinan Engineering

Why should you choose Dinan Engineering?

At Dinan, their passion for European cars is seen in their dedication to producing and creating the most innovative and performance driven aftermarket parts on the market. The serious enthusiasts turn to them because they appreciate their ability to make performance upgrades that outperform the rest of the aftermarket industry. When customers want performance they turn to Dinan Engineering first.
Impressive performance
Superior Engineering
With years of experience working with BMWs and other marques, Dinan’s technicians and engineers are trained to find ways of getting the best out of each European vehicle that comes unto the market. With massive amounts of R&D behind all the aftermarket parts they build as well as using the best quality materials, such as stainless steel and carbon fiber, their parts aren’t merely just parts; they are portals that allow them to take a car from good, to great.
Most of the parts from Dinan come to our customers with the best warranty in the aftermarket business with a factory matching 4 year or 50,000-mile new car warranty. This allows owners to have confidence in Dinan upgrades: we proudly stand behind our work and our warranty guarantees that you’ll be happy.
Unmatched Warranty