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S54 Valve Adjustments

The S54 valve adjustment is one of the most crucial items on the service schedule to ensure that you ///M or ///M swapped car stays running right. Over time, the expansion and contraction from heat cycling and the friction of the metals rubbing together, create variances in the clearance of the valve to the camshaft. This causes the valve and the camshaft to “slap” together, causing damage and losing performance.


While doing a valve adjustment isn’t overly technical, it is time consuming and that is where most mistakes happen. Every item has to be checked multiple times at the correct camshaft position to ensure that all valves are in spec. RRT does not settle for “close enough” when these tolerances are supposed to be accurate down to .001″. Our technicians take their time and do it right.

During every valve adjustment, the VANOS system and cam gears are also inspected. These items can cause a catastrophic failure of the engine if something should happen to them. The exhaust gears are known to be weak the the VANOS system itself can develop play that is not only detrimental to performance but can cause engine failure. RRT considers it vital to inspect these component any time there is access to them.