Our Services

Why choose RRT?

  • 12 month/12,000 miles warranty
  • Expert Technicians
  • OEM or better parts
  • Advanced diagnostics
  • Service and maintenance
  • Factory style repairs
  • Performance upgrades
  • and much, much more....


By utilizing our Hunter HawkEye Alignment System, RRT can ensure that your vehicle drives straight down the road without excess noise or vibration or we can make minute adjustments to your race car to push your race car’s performance envelope to the next level.

Our state of the art alignment system does not clamp onto the wheel lip like many budget alignment machines. This allows us to protect your wheels and provides a more accurate measuring point to ensure that you receive the best alignment available.

Our system saves your information so that we monitor changes in your suspension and chassis that allow us to make accurate assessment of their condition. This also allows us to minimize diagnostic time and therefore save you money in the long run.

Utilizing the best equipment is only part of the equation though. Our highly skilled technicians can do more than just perform a “discount” alignment. We understand the science behind suspension and chassis geometry. This knowledge earned from years of providing excellent service, factory training on BMW chassis dynamics and over a decade of professional racing is why RRT can diagnose and solve the most complicated suspension problem out there or simply keep your vehicle running smoothly down the road.