RRT Racing is now an authorized Formula 43 wheel dealer!

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RRT Racing is proud to announce that we are officially a Formula 43 wheel dealer. Formula 43 offers lightweight, forged custom wheels for any race application. Formula 43 modular wheel center sections use a Rotary Forged process that results in a superior tighter, circular grain structure. The rotary forged center section begins life as a cylinder of billet. The billet is then heated and placed into a die in the rotary forging machine. The die spins the billet at 300 RPM while the billet is pressed from above at a 5 degree angle. The material then flows in a circular pattern into the die. The new forging is then heat treated, quenched and aged to T6 standards. The end result is a rotary forged center section that has stiffer spoke dimensions, lighter weight and a quicker moment of inertia

Learn more about Formula 43 on their website, http://www.formula43.com