Michael Olenyn

General Manager

Michael Olenyn brings over 20 years of automotive experience to RRT. With a starting in 12-volt electronics and having learned from the top companies that specialize in everything from vintage restoration of Italian marques such as Ferrari and Lamborghini to off-road and commercial vehicle builders, his diverse background allows an ‘outside-the-box’ approach to modern day problems that helps him create solutions for our clients.

Michael’s technical expertise comes from a broader resource base than most. Having worked in a machine shop renowned for their superior engine builds and a restoration shop that consistently won events an Amelia Island and Pebble Beach, Michael brings not only his knowledge, but the knowledge of many other experts to bear when working to solve our clients solutions. His end goals are to not meet, but to exceed customer expectations and provide honest and realistic expectations to our clients so they can make the correct the decisions regarding repair of the proper path for upgrades and performance improvements.

In addition to leading our team, Michael also is responsible for our social media and marketing en devours while handling most facility operations. He has developed the internal processes that allows for better diversification, and future expansion to help lead out clients into the technology of tomorrow.