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Article written by:  – May 26, 2017

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The BMW M2 is the best BMW in more than a decade, some might even say the only BMW worthy of the M badge in that time period. It has everything the old-school M-faithful want in a car: great throttle response, world-class ride/handling balance, good steering, sounds like a straight-six should, and driver interaction unmatched since the e36—this is the return of the classic BMW. So the question is, if the M2 is so good, can a tuner, even one of the best BMW tuners in the world, improve on it?

Dinan M2

If you are even the least bit of a BMW enthusiast, you know the legendary name blazoned across the top of this car’s windshield. Steve Dinan founded the premier American BMW tuning company in 1979 in Morgan Hills, California. For nearly 30 years, Steve was responsible for building some of the greatest BMWs in the world with everything from larger displacement engines to superchargers, suspension packages, and even aerodynamic add-ons. The claim to fame wasn’t just factory levels of quality and R&D, but being covered by a Dinan warranty comparable to the original; it went a long way in justifying the premium often demanded over other tuners.

In 2013, the company was sold to Driven Performance Brands, a conglomerate of performance companies including Hurst, B&M, and Flowmaster. It brought an influx of capital, and Steve stayed on as a consultant until 2015, when he left to follow his first passion and joined Ganassi Racing. The company that bears his name is still as active as ever, making BMWs faster and handle, brake, and even look better.

Back in 2015, I wrote a feature covering the Dinan M4; I love that car. The modifications tamed the unwieldy rear end, smoothed out the power curve, and it even rode better than stock while using huge and aggressive Pirelli tires. When I first drove the stock M2, I wondered if BMW engineers spent time in that car and transferred some of that knowledge into the development of the M2.



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