Dinan F30/F32 Brembo brake kit are now available!

Dinan Performance Brakes by Brembo provide the driving enthusiast with ultimate stopping power for the street, as well as track events. Extensive testing has enabled us to develop custom systems that have been tuned for optimum performance, while avoiding the foibles of typical “big brake kits”, such as unbalanced proportioning, poor pedal feel and unacceptable noise levels, just to name a few. The brake calipers are available in either red or black, giving you the choice of a stealth or competition look. You also have a choice of slotted or drilled rotors. The Dinan/Brembo rear brake conversion can be added to the front brakes for those who wish to improve stopping power in stages.
In most cases, the large rotors and calipers will require the use of aftermarket wheels for adequate brake clearance. Dinan’s 19″ lightweight performance wheels are recommended, providing proper clearance and the ability to fit the largest tires possible for optimum performance. Be sure to check with the manufacturer or distributor of any other wheels you are considering in order to verify that they offer the necessary clearance, citing the Brembo “Gran Turismo” brakes as a reference.
Please note that the 328i/428i front brake kits are not available with slotted rotors.